About Forest City Plants

An Urban Nursery Nursery On A Mission

Forest City Plants is a small scale urban nursery project in Edmonton, Alberta started by master gardener and permaculture designer, Dustin Bajer.

Forest City Plants exists to discover, identify, propagate, and distribute exciting hardy, local genetics and to trial new plant varieties that are difficult to find or not yet available at larger commercial nurseries.

We believe that plants tell a remarkable story about our city, ourselves, and what we value.

As an urban nursery, Forest City Plants focusses on growing six to twenty-four-inch plants for direct sale to consumers. Often called whips, small nursery stock is easy to move, transplant and get established.

Forest City Plants is a small urban nursery with a big vision. At its core, Forest City Plants exists to:

Small Nursery With A Big Vision

  • Discover, protect, and propagate existing local genetics
  • Diversify our urban forest
  • Trial new plant varieties that are uncommon to the City
  • Build a supportive community of plant growers and lovers
  • Offer a growing selection of unique and local plants