Butternut Walnut

Butternut/White Walnut Seedlings

Juglans cinerea

USDA Zone 2 (Produced best in Zone 3 and up)
60 feet tall x 30 feet wide
Edible Nut

Juglans cinerea is commonly referred to as White Walnut or Butternut and is the only walnut tree native to Canada. Unfortunately, a fungal disease has almost eliminated the tree in its native range. In a strange stroke of luck, the species has found refuge in Edmonton – located much further West and North of its native range and (at present) free from its fungal invader. Forest City Plants is offering seedlings from two locally sourced trees that have proven hardy to our climate.

Local Seedling

Seedlings locally harvested from a mature tree located on private land within the City of Edmonton. The tree of similar size to the Tuck Shop Tree below and is estimated to be of roughly the same age.

Historic “Tuck Shop Tree” Seedlings

The “Tuck Shop Tree” is a historic Butternut located on the campus of the University of Alberta. Formerly located next to the Varsity Truck Shop, the tree was relocated when the building was demonised in the late 60s. As a side note, the tree isn’t the only thing that has survived the move – the University of Alberta Alumni has published a link to the Tuck Shop’s famous Cinnamon Buns.

Varsity Tuck Shop. University of Alberta Campus

The Varsity Tuck Shop at the University of Alberta Campus near present-day Fine Arts Building. Butternut Walnut is possibly pictured at the far left of the photograph but I haven’t yet been able to verify this.