Growing a Backyard Tree Nursery Network

I’m excited to announce that Forest City Plants will be hosting another session at this year’s Resilience Festival on Saturday, April 27th at the Waldorf Independent School. The session will be held from 1:00 until 3:00 pm and will explore the creation of a distributed network of backyard tree nurseries across the City. I will cover a board overview of how such a community might operate and include practical steps for propagating plants from seed and cutting. A description of the session and an overview of the agenda can be found below.

The session has a suggested fee of $10 to $30. All proceeds will go to the Edmonton Permaculture Guild in support of the Edmonton Resilience Festival.

Scattered across the City are hidden horticultural gems. They are tucked behind backyard fences or hidden in plain sight, they are the products of horticultural innovation, cultural exchange, and happy accidents.

Join master gardener and permaculture designer, Dustin Bajer to explore the creation of a distributed backyard tree nursery network to find, collect, propagate, and sell locally sourced plant material.

Learn how to join the network and turn an area as small as a few square feet into a productive nursery for fun and profit.

  • What is a distributed nursery?
  • Sourcing plant material
  • Implications of a shifting climate
  • Propagation
    • By Seed
    • Vegetative Propagation Methods
    • Grafting and Layering
  •  Group Coordination and next steps

Save A Spot

Locally harvested black walnut seeds.
Locally harvested black walnut seeds.


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